This plugin creates a superellipse based on various parameter values.

Superellipse 1.2
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Release Date
July 6, 2010
SketchUp Version
Compatible with SketchUp 6 or newer
Operating System
Windows or OSX

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A superellipse is a 2D shape that lies between an ellipse and a rectangle. For example, the cube on the right has superellipse shaped windows. It is kind of like a rectangle with rounded corners, except that it is made from a single smooth curve. The mathematical equation that defines it is:

Superellipse Equation

The degree of squareness depends on the exponent. When the exponent n = 2, the curve is an ordinary ellipse.

Squareness Scale

Instead of using the exponent's value, this plugin uses the following scale to specify how square the superellipse should be. A value of zero corresponds to an ellipse. A value of 100 corresponds to a rectangle. And anything in between is part way between an ellipse and a rectangle.

It is generalized to allow negative values down to -99. For example, a value of -50 corresponds to the exponent n = 1, which is a diamond shape.

Different squareness factors.


This plugin is accessed from the Draw menu (Draw > Superellipse). This will open a dialog box to enter the superellipse parameter values.

The Squareness parameter is an integer from -99 to +99.

The higher the edge count, the smoother the curve.

When you click OK, the superellipse is created as a component, and the component placement tool is activated to position the superellipse in the model.

The dialog box remembers the values between SketchUp sessions.

Superellipse dialog box.