These animations were created with Keyframe Animation for SketchUp and uploaded to YouTube.

Basic Animations

These examples illustrate the basic features like moving objects by translation or rotation, and scaling their size.

Rotating Gears By Regular Polygon

Since the big gear has twice as many teeth, the little gear rotates twice as fast so they mesh correctly.

Monty Python's 16 TONS By Regular Polygon

A simple example showing how changes in scale are interpolated between keyframes.

Animated Tiling By Regular Polygon

These 2D tiles are scaled in such a way that they continue to fit together with no gaps or overlap.

Cam Bolt By Michael Maiden

This demonstrates a good example involving translations and rotations.

Ikea Step Stool Assembly By

This video shows a construction process where the parts move by both translation and rotation. The camera also moves between keyframes.

Slat Platform Bedframe By Regular Polygon

This animation shows the assembly of a bedframe made entirely out of interlocking wooden parts. The camera is also animated. By Rich O'Brien

This video illustrates interpolation by translation, rotation, scale, scale + translation, and scale + rotation.

Seafood Restaurant By Adriana Granados

The fish swim in circles (via rotations) inside three aquariums in a seafood restaurant.

24 Pencil Sculpture By Regular Polygon

Section cuts reveal how 24 pencils, with hexagonal cross-sections, criss-cross from four directions, and interlock with each other.

Animating Nested Objects

A nested object moves relative to its parent. If the parent object moves too, the combined motion can be more complex than a simple translation or rotation.

Folding Doors By Regular Polygon

The door on the far right is a top-level object, and the middle door is a subgroup. While the right door rotates 90 degrees clockwise, the middle door rotates 90 degrees counter-clockwise relative to it. The combination of these two rotations produces the desired motion of folding doors.

Sheet Breakdown By Dik Harrison

The rocker arm is a top-level object, and the bridge is a subgroup. While the arm rotates about the pivot point, the bridge rotates through an equal angle in the opposite direction relative to it. The combination of rotations raises and lowers the bridge while keeping it level.

Rolling Gears By Regular Polygon

Each little gear rotates about its center. At the same time, a second rotation revolves the three little gears as a group about the center of the big gear.

Artistic Merit

These are the best of the best.

Polyhedral Waltz By Debra Borkovitz

This video reveals the beautiful symmetry when Platonic Solids, all the same size, intersect. For more information about the polyhedra and making the video, please visit

Mechanical Hand By Curtis Johnson

The ultimate example for animated subcomponents. The palm is the top-level object. Each joint is a subcomponent of the joint it is attached to higher up. Moving any joint moves everything lower down.

Space Rock 2.0 By Sci-Fi Guy

The animations include translations, rotations, and moving subcomponents. The images were exported from SketchUp and composed in Sony Movie Studio, which added the audio, sound effects, and titles.

Tokyo architectural studio By Roy Tamir

We used the wooden elements of the shrine, and the spirit of dismantling and assembly as a field of action for analyzing domestic Japanese environments through an animated drawing.

Viking Lander Leg Animation By Tom Dahl

This video shows a digital 3D model of the Viking '75 Mars Lander's core body and landing legs, illustrating the operation of leg mechanisms.

L3 architecture & product design animation showreel By Btec Architecture, Harrow College

Please follow the link to view this collection of animations by students of Architecture at Harrow College on YouTube.

Rendered Animations

Rendering apps not mentioned here may also be compatible with Keyframe Animation. These are the ones that have claimed support.

Brighter3D + Keyframe Animation By Brighter3D

Brighter3d is a rendering plugin for SketchUp that has been compatible with Keyframe Animation since version 1.9.2. You can learn more about this plugin at their website,