This plugin creates a spiral curve on the surface of a sphere. Like the 2D Archimedean spiral, the windings are all an equal distance apart.

Spherical Spiral 1.0
Spherical Spiral
4 KB
Release Date
August 25, 2010
SketchUp Version
Compatible with SketchUp 6 or newer
Operating System
Windows or OSX

Download Spherical Spiral 1.0

Ruby zipped (.rbz) file



This plugin is accessed from the Draw menu (Draw > Spherical Spiral). This will open a dialog box to enter the parameter values.

The more edges per revolution, the smoother the curve.

When you click OK, the spherical spiral is created as a component, and the component placement tool is activated to position it in the model.

The dialog box remembers the values between SketchUp sessions.

Spherical Spiral Dialog Box