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Superellipse Plugin

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This plugin creates a superellipse. A superellipse is a 2D shape that lies between an ellipse and a rectangle. For example, the cube on the right has superellipse shaped windows.

It is kind of like a rectangle with rounded corners, except that it is made from a single smooth curve. The mathematical equation that defines it is:

Superellipse Equation

The value of the exponent n affects the squareness. When the exponent equals 2, you get an ellipse.

Squareness Scale

Different squareness factors.

This plugin uses the following "squareness scale", instead of the exponent, to describe how square the superellise should be. A value of zero corresponds to an ellipse. A value of 100 corresponds to a rectangle. And anything in between is part way between an ellipse and a rectangle.

You can also set negative values down to -99. In particular, a value of -50 corresponds to a diamond shape.


Superellipse dialog box.

This plugin is accessed from the Draw menu (Draw > Superellipse). This will open a dialog box to enter the superellipse parameter values.

The Squareness parameter is an integer from -99 to +99.

The higher the edge count, the smoother the curve.

When you click OK, the superellipse is created as a component, and the component placement tool is activated to position the superellipse in the model.

The dialog box remembers the values between SketchUp sessions.

Installation and Removal

Installation Questions? Please see this SketchUp Help Article. To remove the plugin, just delete the file from the SketchUp Plugins folder.