Keyframe Animation for SketchUp

License & Sales FAQ

Alternative Payment Methods
PayPal is currently the only way to purchase a license for Keyframe Animation.
License Registration
As soon as your purchase is complete, you should receive an email with a license serial number. To add your license to a computer, open the About (License Info) Dialog, enter the serial number, and click the Register button.
Multiple Computers
Licenses are per-computer. If you purchase a license for personal use, you can register the license on two computers that you own. A license for business use can be registered on one computer only.
Business vs Personal
A personal license will have your name on it (as entered on PayPal), while a business license will have the company name (as entered on the Purchase page).
Transferring a License
You are free to remove the license from a computer and transfer it to another computer. The About Dialog provides a convenient interface for removing and registering your license.
Upgrade Policy
A license includes all Keyframe Animation updates for free. Even major future releases will not require a paid upgrade.
Expiration Date
This is a permanent license. Currently, licenses purchased for Keyframe Animation do not expire. We may start offering fixed-term licenses, but that won't affect the permanent licenses already sold.
Offline Use
Licensed computers can use Keyframe Animation offline for up to 7 days. The 7 days begin from the time you last used Keyframe Animation with an Internet connection.
Lost Serial Number
The license serial number is displayed in the About (License Info) Dialog.

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