Version History

Version Feature
2.1.0 Keyframe Animation 2.1 brings back the tweens -- after (foolishly) abandoning them in version 2.0. Now the tweens play nice with ALL the SketchUp scene properties. And they are faster, more efficient, and conserve resources, so you can generate more of them. The tweens allow you to export the animation on both the PC, and the Mac. In addition, the tweens make it possible to render the object animation by any application that can render a SketchUp scene animation.
2.0.5 Added a utility that will quickly convert version 1.9 animations to version 2.x format. So, Keyframe Animation 2.x is backwards compatible with version 1.9.
2.0.0 Fixed a bug that could cause SketchUp to crash if you undid (i.e. Edit > Undo) the Save Position Data operation.
2.0.0 Fixed the bug involving negative scale factors. Now a negative scale factor between keyframes is interpreted as reflection.
2.0.0 Added support to interpolate reflections and inversions. Check out this video tutorial on all the types of interpolation.
2.0.0 Now the object animation can be combined with SketchUp's animation of any scene property, and exported to a video. This includes Hidden Geometry, Shadow Settings, Style and Fog, and Section Planes.
2.0.0 The toolbar has a new Select Button Select Button, which highlights all the objects that have position data saved on the current scene. This provides an easy way to tell if an object was recorded or not.
2.0.0 The Record Button Record Button has a a more intuitive workflow. If you don't select anything, it records all moving objects. Otherwise, it records the objects that were selected.
1.9 Redesigned the license management system to allow offline use.
1.8 Added support to interpolate the scale of objects, along each component axis (red, green, or blue).
1.7 Added a Scene Setting dialog to set the transition time and delay time for each scene.

Planned Updates

  • Revise the license management system to follow the user from one computer to another based on their Google Sign In identity.
  • Currently, when you duplicate an object, if it has position data, that is duplicated too. It would better if the new object's position data were automatically translated by the same amout that the new object is offset from the original.
  • Find a simple and intuitive to way to create animations having repetitive motion. For example, a rolling wheel, a rotating gear, a spinning propeller. This probably will require keyframes placed along a timeline, rather than the current scene based approach.
  • Customize the camera path for walk-throughs/fly-throughs. Camera animation is supported now, but the camera follows SketchUp's native camera interpolation.
  • Camera animation might be improved a lot by just overriding SketchUp's native camera interpolation. For example, a plugin that interpolates the camera along a smooth (Bezier) curve between scenes.
  • Simulate the inertia of natural camera motion, so that the movement is gradually eased into and out of.
  • Apply the same easing effects to object animation.
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